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Driving is a highly complex task. It requires a combination of visual, physical, cognitive and psychosocial skills in a rapidly changing environment. Drivers have a responsibility to not only ensure the safety of them themselves, but also the safety of passengers and the wider community. There are a number of medical conditions that can affect ability and safety with driving.

If there is any uncertainty of the impact of any medical condition on the person’s ability to drive safely, the person should be referred to a specialist Occupational Therapy Driving Assessor for further assessment.

North Pine Therapists provide a high quality and professional Occupational Therapy driving assessment and rehabilitation service. We understand the importance of driving and we aim to return people to safe and legal driving wherever possible. We also enjoy working with learner drivers who are working towards achieving a goal of obtaining their licence!

Driving services we offer:

  • Medical/Disability Driving Assessments
  • Older Driver Evaluations
  • Learner Driver Assessments
  • Readiness To Drive Assessments And Support
  • Vehicle Modifications Assessments

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Driving services we offer

Medical/disability Driving Assessments

For drivers who already hold a licence and have a medical condition, injury or disability which may impact on their driving. Your GP may have suggested that you complete an OT Driving Assessment to ensure that you are safe and fit to drive. We complete the driving assessment process and provide a report to go back to your GP or Treating Specialist with the outcome of the assessment and recommendations.

Older Driver Evaluations

For older drivers (over 75 years) who may have had a recent change to their condition, or their GP has just recommended a review of their driving.

Learner Driver Assessments

We receive many referrals for young people who would like to learn to drive! We work with young drivers who may be on the Autism Spectrum, or have other diagnoses including intellectual impairments, learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety etc.

A learner driver assessment is for learner drivers who already hold a learner’s licence. We complete an assessment (similar to a supported driving lesson) to determine their current progress with driving, inhibiting factors and specialist support needs. We then provide a report often with recommendations for specialist driving lessons to be funded through their NDIS plan.

What are specialist driving lessons?

Specialist driving lessons are driving lessons conducted by driving instructors who are experienced in working with drivers who have medical conditions and disabilities. We only work with driving schools and instructors who we know and trust to have experience working in disability. We support learner drivers to set them up with a driving instructor who best meets their needs. We then provide ongoing assessments and ‘check-ins’ to review their progress.

Readiness To Drive Assessments And Support

Want to learn to drive by don’t have a learners licence yet? No problem!

We also work with people who would like to learn to drive, however it may be unclear if driving is a realistic goal. Readiness to drive assessments involve an OT assessment in the home to review physical, visual and cognitive functioning. The assessment may also include On-road passenger activities and review of current progress with life skills.

We can also provide 1:1 learning support in the form of OT sessions to assist potential drivers to enrol in Prep L (QLD Transport interactive online learning program for getting your learners licence) and to work through the content.

drivers only, not passengers

Vehicle Modifications Assessments

When there are physical limitations in your ability to drive, modifications may be required.
There are many options for Vehicle Modifications for Driving including:

  • spinner knobs
  • hand controls
  • left foot accelerators
  • transfer aids
  • wheelchair stowage hoists

An OT driving assessment for modifications will involve the usual driving assessment process, as well as advice and prescription around the modifications. This may include trials as well as lessons to learn any new modifications that are recommended.

What about NDIS funded driving assessments?
We provide the OT driving assessment and report, as well as the required Assistive Technology (AT) report to submit to the NDIS. We provide all the required information including report and quotes for modifications and the specialist lessons (if required). After your approval, we can submit these reports to the NDIS for review and approval.

An Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is an assessment performed by a specially trained and qualified Occupational Therapy Driving Assessor to determine the impact of a medical condition on the task of driving.

If you hold a Queensland Drivers licence, you are required by law to report any medical condition that may affect your driving. Medical clearance from a doctor will then be required. Your doctor may request that you complete a driving assessment to clarify the impact of that medical condition on driving. Your doctor may also request that you complete a driving assessment if you are over the age of 75. You may also require a driving assessment if you are a learner driver with a disability / medical condition.

An occupational therapy driving assessment is a comprehensive functional assessment that includes both off and on road components. The full assessment usually takes around 2 hours to complete. The off road assessment involves standardised screening of vision, physical function, cognition and road law knowledge in the context of driving. This part of the assessment is completed in your own home or work environment. The practical on road assessment is approximately 60 minutes and is conducted in a dual controlled vehicle with a professional driving instructor to give directions and monitor safety. Following the assessment, the results are discussed with the client and family. A report is then provided for your GP, health professional or NDIS plan.

North Pine Therapists can provide services to clients receiving funding through providers such as WorkCover QLD, National disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as well as various insurance companies. or self-funded clients, North Pine Therapists offers a complete package that includes:

  • Liaison with health professionals to arrange referral paperwork
  • Full off-road assessment completed in the client’s home
  • Full on-road assessment
  • Hire of the dual-controlled vehicle
  • Comprehensive report
  • Communication, follow up and case management

For exact details of the cost please contact North Pin Therapists directly.

Yes! Funding for an OT driving assessment through your NDIS plan is billed as ‘Occupational Therapy’ and taken from your ‘Capacity Building’ funds.

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